The Advantages of Using Index Tabs and Folder Dividers

Folder Dividers

When working in an office, it’s important to find ways to optimise your work and efficiency. The best and most effective way to do this is to improve organisation. Folder dividers are a useful tool in the workplace for a number of reasons. This article details the benefits of using index tabs and folder dividers to organise files and documents in the workplace.


The main benefit of using folder dividers or index tabs is improved organisation. You can keep all your paperwork in folders without mixing documents. As long as you keep each folder labelled, and each tab has a logical label, there will be no issue. This means you can keep a single folder for all the bills your workplace receives and organise them alphabetically, separated by folder dividers. Each folder can serve a different purpose, ensuring you’ll never misfile anything again.

An organised system for filing allows you to de-clutter your desk easily and avoid a build-up of papers. It will also stop you from putting things off and leaving the filing until it becomes an overwhelming task that requires a full day of work. Folder dividers will give your folders the much needed organisation and order they need.


Folder dividers are incredibly affordable. You can often pick them up with the spare change in your back pocket. This makes them an incredibly affordable option when looking to get your files in order. Some people prefer to organise in different ways, which is why the customisable options that come with folder dividers and index tabs are so convenient. They have blank spaces available for labels to be written in and details can be added to the front. There are also a multitude of colours available, including some that are patterned for a touch of style.

Some organisation systems require updating regularly, which can be a big task. Folder dividers can simply be moved as more paperwork is added, or shifted to a new folder when the first one becomes too full. When they become old and tired due to wear, they can be replaced quite easily, although this doesn’t happen too frequently due to most being made from a very durable material.


Using folder dividers can also help give you a sense of professionalism. Having everything in order and knowing where everything is will not only make you feel more in control and professional, but it will also give that impression to others in the office. Heading to a meeting with a folder of documents to show off means you may need to find a particular page in a hurry to back up a point or answer a question. Index tabs and folder dividers mean you can head straight to the relevant section and find the right information easily. This ensures a very good impression for clients, as they aren’t left waiting around for you.

There are countless advantages to using folder dividers in your workplace, most important of which are being able to impress clients and find your files easily and quickly.

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