The Best Corporate Gifts and Promotional Products to Invest In

Marketing campaigns consist of all kinds of elements, tools, and techniques all aimed at furthering the company’s set goal. One of the tools that small and big companies often turn to is the idea of corporate gifts or promotional products. These may be given to potential clients, VIP customers, and even staff. If you’re looking into having these types of promotional products made but are unsure of what to pick, you’ll want to take a look at this list of best products.

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Coffee Mugs – Practical and Popular

Custom coffee mugs complete with your company’s logo are arguably one of the most, if not the number one most, popular corporate promotional products to have made. Coffee seems to go hand-in-hand with the workplace, and even if the recipient doesn’t drink coffee it can be used for any other hot or cold beverage. It’s one of those gifts that is more likely to be used, which means your logo will be seen.

If you want to go all out you can even choose a mug that is a bit more unique than a typical one, whether in size, shape, or color.

Business Card Holder – Don’t Forget Your Card!

Another popular item is the business card holder. This one is a very common product both for clients and staff. You can pick from a simple plastic type of holder, or something more luxurious such as a leather card holder. Just don’t forget to place your card in there before you give it away.

Plush Throw – Who Doesn’t Love a Cozy Blanket?

When it comes to practical items that will most likely be used, a plush throw is an excellent option. You can have the blanket customized with your company logo, pick from a variety of colors, and sizes. These are great for handing out at seminars and conferences where you want to stand out from the competition that are giving out the standard pens and notepads.

Customized USB Drive – Give Them What They Want

Thanks to a survey done by the BPMA (The British Promotional Merchandise Association) in 2012 on which promotional products people appreciated the most, a USB stick was top of the list. And it didn’t just make the top of the list by a bit – it was a landslide. Of the participants who took part in the survey 21% picked the USB stick as their most favorite item. Electrical items came in second at a distant 11%. A customized USB stick is something pretty much everyone can use, whether for work or at home, so it’s definitely a useful item.

Be Creative – Stand Out From Your Competition

Promotional products give your company a chance to stand out from the competition by thinking outside the box and being creative. Sure, there is nothing wrong with the standard type of products, but yours won’t be memorable, and will be lost in a sea of other products. By picking something less traditional the product is more likely to get attention, which is the whole point of branded promotional products.

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