The Biggest Career Opportunities for 2016 Graduates

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Getting a job right out of graduation is possibly one of the most difficult stages of your life. Many graduates run into rejection and we all know the catch 22 of employers wanting experience but how do you get that without a job? While interning and job shadowing is a great way to gain some experience, it’s often unpaid and time limited, meaning that you don’t get the amount of experience that you need.

So what industries are 2016 graduates most likely to be accepted out of the gates? These are the jobs that graduates seem to be having the most luck with this year:


Marketing is a dynamic and youthful industry, meaning that they are constantly looking for young blood to shake the industry up. It is also becoming more and more technologically focused, and this means that graduates that know a lot about the new trends and tricks on social media will be welcomed into a marketing based role. A recent graduate is much more likely to know the ins and outs of snapchat then a manager nearing retirement age. Social media, content and email marketing are all great jobs to look into if you are up-to-date with things like viral videos and you think you have the know how to read a specific target market.


A great way to get your foot into the door when it comes to entry level jobs is in sales. Selling a product or service for a company gets you into the company to start with, and will also assist in getting to know everything that there is to know about the company, its products/services and the customers that you deal with every day.  Since these are often commission based roles companies are more willing to give a chance to someone who is hungry but lacks experience.

Management Training Programs

Some companies have had the foresight to recognize the ‘experience’ problem in the job industry and have created programs that take in recent graduates. New employees are selected on their potential and given a starting salary – they are then trained in all different sectors of the company, getting to know it inside out. Once this is done, they can then see where they fit in best and can then begin a full-time job in a position that they fully understand. In many cases this can be one of the fastest tracks for success. Management trainee’s at Hajoca are put in charge of their own regional businesses after graduation and enjoy a cut of the profits. Many big hotel chains like the Hilton employ similar programs to move high potential graduates into key positions within 2 to 3 years.

Data Analytics

While the word analytics can seem boring, working in this role can be a great stepping stone to further yourself in a company. Pulling data, checking trends and looking for patterns are an everyday part of the job. It can also be incredibly satisfying, knowing that your work is going far up the company to help the marketing and sales team make decisions with regards to their strategies and what is working for them and what they need to change.

Software Developer

This is one of the greatest entry level jobs around, as the younger generation are generally more tech-savvy than anyone else. If you love coding, creating visuals, centralizing data and really know your way around a database then this is the job for you to look at. There is also a high demand as the tech industry grows year after year.

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