Top Jobs You Can Get With an EWP License


Elevated work platforms require a high level of skill and knowledge, and if you manage to pass the exams and are issued with an EWP licence, there are many options open to you. All developed countries have strict guidelines about working with this type of equipment, and unless you are suitably qualified, you are unable to operate such machinery. Here are just a few jobs you can expect to be offered if you have a current EWP licence.

EWP Operator

These work platforms are used in warehousing and construction and come in two categories, which are over 11 metres and under 11 metres. The first test to take would be below 11 metres and with some extra training, you are licensed to operate the higher platforms. There are many positions in a range of industries that require an EWP ticket, which is why it is a good idea to take the test, as many jobs have this requirement. This ticket allows you to operate a scissor, boom, or vertical lift up to 11 metres or over, if you have the additional training. If you happen to be based in Western Australia, and are looking for EWP training in Perth, there are online companies that offer this specialised training.

The Mining Industry

This is one of the highest paid industries to work in, and very often you are required to work above ground level. Having an EWP licence definitely gives you an advantage, as it is required to operate a range of machinery that the mining companies use.

Basic Rigging

This is the type of work you might do if you work in the mining industry, and you would require an EWP ticket as it involves using a platform and working at heights. There are many well paid jobs in the mining industry that require you to have an EWP licence, and most  companies would require you to attend a two day course to qualify you to operate an elevated work platform.

The Construction Industry

All trades, including carpenters, electricians and plasterers, can benefit from having an EWP ticket, as many large projects are multi-levelled and elevated work platforms are often used. Having this licence could be the difference between getting the job and as long as you follow the guideline about renewal, this ticket can be extended indefinitely. If you are in Western Australia, Saferight Training in Perth is both affordable and easy to complete, and within a few days, you will have your EWP licence, which will prove invaluable when job hunting.

Working with Elevated platforms is a part of many industries, and if you undergo a few days training, you qualify to operate EWPs, and with an extra period of training, you can extend the licence to operate booms over 11 metres. The course is very popular, so make sure you book well in advance, and once you have gained your EWP ticket, the job opportunities will certainly open up.

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