Top Reasons to Add Glass Partitions to Your Office Refurb


If you’re thinking about or are planning an office refurb, there’s one element you’ll want to include – glass partitions. Offering a modern, stylish design to the office, these partitions offer many great benefits to both your business and its employees. Here, we’ll look at the top reasons to add glass partitions to your office refurb.

Helping to boost productivity and efficiency

One of the key challenges you face when designing the perfect office space, is insufficient natural lighting. Studies have shown artificial lighting has a negative effect on employee health. If you’ve noticed your employees have been needing time off due to stress, or have been complaining of headaches, it could surprisingly be down to the lighting.

Glass partitions help to capitalise on what little natural lighting is available, making the office appear brighter. It also really helps create the illusion of additional space, making it a perfect solution for small offices. In turn, this really helps boost productivity.

It also helps to boost efficiency, not just through your employees, but by directly lowering your utility bills. As less artificial lighting is required, you’ll save potentially a lot of money on lighting.

It improves privacy

In order to tackle the lighting and space challenges that many offices face, many businesses have opted for an open plan design. However, this does lead to issues with privacy.

If you need to meet with clients, having glass partitions can help to provide you with the privacy you need, without completely shutting you off from the rest of the office. It also looks more professional, particularly if you use high quality architectural glass.

They’re cost-effective

As well as saving you money on lighting, glass partitions are cost effective in other areas too. They’re quick and simply to install, which makes redesigning and expanding the office space extremely affordable and easy. Re-arranging the office space from time to time can also really benefit your employees.

If you choose to relocate, they can be taken down and installed within your new premises. As they encourage increased employee productivity and efficiency, they’ll also increase your profits. So, by investing in glass partitions, you’ll benefit from long-term cost savings.

Overall, glass partitions provide numerous benefits and make an excellent investment for the modern business. If you’re planning an office refurb, now is definitely the time to take advantage of architectural glass.

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