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Top Things That Make a Great Wedding Venue

If you could have your choice of Ontario wedding venues, what would be the one factor that would seal the deal? Is it price, or is the setting a bigger selling point? Your wedding is one of the single most important days of your life. Here are a few tips from the professionals to consider when looking for the location.

Availability and Location

if you’re planning to go for a more traditional space like a wedding hall, hotel or country club, be aware that time and date flexibility may be an issue. These places are in big demand, so set your date and then look at your available options from there. Less traditional spaces like museums, parks and beaches may offer a wider availability, but there may be other factors like permits to worry about.

What Kind of Services Do You Need?

One reason people choose dedicated wedding venues is for the expertise and level of services. Staffing availability and other resources can make this a cost-effective and convenient choice. This is a good option if you’re having a fairly big reception or if you don’t want the added stress of planning the details. For smaller receptions or more limited budgets, look into off-site catering services and small rental halls.

Ask questions about various wedding packages, what amenities are included, upgrades and guest accommodations, if applicable. Some wedding halls have everything you’ll need on-site, but beware that it may have been through possibly hundreds of weddings before yours. Other venues supply the space and seating, but not much else. That may leave you factoring in the cost of renting table clothes, silverware and nearly everything else your celebration needs. The level of service in relation to price and perks can make a more expensive venue a better choice than a budget space that offers fewer advantages but not much difference in price.

How Accommodating Are the Accommodations?

Unless you’re getting an all-inclusive package, you have to consider how your chosen venue and other elements can co-exist. For example, if you’re having a full band rather than a DJ, is there are staging area in the banquet room or hall? Is there space for dancing after the dinner is concluded? Many couples need to find space for out of town guests, which is one reason hotels are such a popular choice. Lodgings aside, how convenient is the location to reach? Is there adequate parking?

Where you choose to say “I do” may be the single most important decisions you’ll make about the big day since you decided to say “Yes.” It can affect everything from the overall budget to food service. It may even play into the size of your guest list. Taking pointers from the pros will take you one step closer to making your dreams of the perfect nuptial celebration come true.

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