Touch Screen Video Games Make A Comeback

touch screen video games

Arcades have been around for decades, from dingy 1960s halls with pinball and other mechanical games to the Golden Era of the 1980s, when Space Invaders, Frogger, Street Fighter, and Pac Man revolutionized arcade games, and they even became the inspiration behind ’80s classic films like Tron. As home game consoles grew in popularity in ’90s and 2000s, arcades took a hit, but it looks like they are making a comeback – thanks to a newfound partnership with craft beer and cocktails.

Touch screen video games have been popular in sports bars for years, but arcade games of all kinds, including touch screen video games, are undergoing a renaissance today. “Barcades,” bars with retro and modern video games, pinball machines, touch screen games, and more have been popping up in hip neighborhoods across cities from San Diego to Montreal. They’ve got retro appeal for crowds who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s with original arcades and new games. The target market: young parents who want to catch up with friends and bring their kids. Touch screen video games are even appearing in smaller bars with a laid-back, hip atmosphere. Even while similar games exist that you can play on your phone, the social atmosphere of the arcade-bar hybrid is a winning combination.

Meanwhile, entertainment companies like Cineplex have been opening huge bar-arcade entertainment venues, like Toronto’s Rec Room, with games of all varieties. A new generation of capacitive touch screen video games also keeps demand strong from sports bars across North America, in many ways still the backbone of the industry. As games become more complex, the need for more responsive, multi-touch, capacitive touch screens that are still durable enough to be used in public grows.

While the attention usually goes to the design of classic and contemporary touch screen video games, the hardware plays a big role too, nothing more so than the touch screen. Most gaming machines rely on capacitive touch screens – screens that can register multiple touches at once. That’s because they register touch from the electric charge in your fingertips, just like the touch screens in a phone. The alternative, resistive touch screens, register touch by contact between two layers of screens and are limited to a single touch at one.

Capacitive touch screens used in touch screen video games are made by a touch screen manufacturer that builds technology for a wide range of applications. Touch screens have become such a ubiquitous part of everyday life that it’s easy to miss where they’re used. Touch screen manufacturers like A D Metro, a company that’s been responsible for supplying resistive and capacitive touch screens since 1993 build solutions for ATMs, retail kiosks, industrial PDAs, control panels, PoS terminals, mobile computers, and even marine, military, and aerospace applications. Capacitive touch screens in video games are just one part of the industry, but as demand increases, touch screen manufacturers are racing to keep up. Capacitive touch screens from A D Metro use highly durable glass surfaces and two layers of glass, both must-have features in touch screen video games. The industry is evolving, driven by demand and new video game design, and it’s worth keeping an eye on.

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