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Travelling for Work? Why You Should be Considering a Hotel Located Right at the Airport


If you are trying to stay on track with a busy business schedule it can often feel that time isn’t on your side and that can make it a stressful trip, which is not ideal.

One way of making the most of your time and keeping your itinerary right where you want it is to pick a hotel that is within easy reach of the airport.

Here is a look at why choosing a hotel so close to the airport you are using is a real no-brainer business decision.

Less stressful and more time-efficient

Anyone who flies regularly will often have a tale to tell about how they almost missed a flight or all their travel plans were left in ruins after they actually failed to make it to the departure gate on time.

The journey to the airport can always be stressful as you are constantly checking your watch to see how long you have got before check-in closes, but one way of avoiding that scenario is to stay at an airport hotel.

If you choose to stay at somewhere like Delta Hotels Calgary Airport In-Terminal, for example, you will be just a few minutes away from where you need to be for catching your flight with the minimum of fuss and stress.

Depending on the time of your flight, you could stay at an airport hotel the night before, so that you have time to prepare for your meetings properly and ensure that you are properly rested before you take to the skies.

Parking problems sorted

Parking your car at the airport is rarely a pleasurable experience as you search for a suitable space and then hand over a sizeable sum of money for the pleasure of leaving your car parked for the duration of your journey.

A good way of resolving those issues would be to see if the airport hotel you choose is offering a “Park and Fly” option.

There are plenty of in-terminal hotels and other hotels very close to the airport who offer you the option to park your car with them for an all-inclusive price. This means that you could pay one amount for your accommodation and solve your parking problems at the same time.

It is always worth comparing prices for airport parking against a “Park and Fly” option being offered, as you could find that this option is more cost-effective as well as being more convenient.

A rare opportunity to relax

Setting off to catch your flight having had a good night’s sleep and filled yourself up with a hearty breakfast, is a much more appealing option than leaving in the early hours from home to head for the airport.

Staying at an airport hotel can be a lot more relaxing and a lot less stressful, so if you are travelling for work, wouldn’t that be a better way and a more appealing way to start your business day?

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