For those of you that are currently using Google AdWords here a few tips and tricks to use for keeping ROI high and CPC low. Some of these may just be refreshers and some may drastically change your campaigns. These will be listed in no order of importance. Also remember that this is not advice custom fitted to your site and or your site’s goals. Having stated that disclaimer here are some of my best tips and tricks. But not all…


If your campaign is costing too much: Analyze and make sure that your ads are not showing on the content network. Especially if the content network ads are not returning a desired result. When you set up a new campaign the content network traffic is automatically turned on due to the amount of clicks it can produce. The option out is under the “Edit Campaighn Settings” page on the right hand side under the Networks box on the upper right hand side of the page. (You would be surprised how many people are overpaying for unproductive clicks!)

Cutting Costs and Increasing Sales: Huge tip, Make sure your high performing Key words (high CTR) are in the same Ad Group under the same Campaign for the same product and landing page. The lower performing key words can hurt the overall ad-group performance. It would be better to have a solid group of 10% CTR Keywords, and a separate group of 3-4% CTR Keywords. In my humble but very accurate opinion. If you have to edit/move keywords or ad’s don’t forget to use the campaign management tools! (I wish i had known that when i got started!)

Don’t Forget To Be Negative! If you don’t offer free widgets make sure to have the proper negative keywords buy putting a – in front of the key word you don’t want to show and ad for. In this situation “-free”.

If you are Targeting Geo-location: Remember to make the area large enough to include ISP’s that might be just beyond the initial target area. No one wants to miss out on thousands of potential customers over just a few miles.

Speaking of Local Targeting: Or national for that matter. Try running an ad that contains Your Business Phone number. Ideally a phone number strictly dedicated to this type of marketing so you can review the exact amount of calls. Great way to make your ad stand out and why pay for a click if you can get them to call direct.

Again This is not custom advice. Handle with care. In the right situations this advice can drastically change your ROI and CPC rates. One particular client doubled their CTR and Halved their CPC.

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