Have you ever wondered how the ads you see when you look to the right on google search results pages are exactly what you typed? Have you ever seen an ad when you look to the right that makes no sense at all? Have you ever noticed the ad’s when you look to the right that have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with what you just searched for?


Yes, Those are the “Wild Card” ad’s Officially known as Dynamic Insertion. The exact thing Ebay & Amazon uses for a majority of their ad creative.
What IS it?
Dynamic Insertion is a great way to generate more traffic from your Google AdWords CPC campaign’s. Best used for grabbing the attention of the searcher. Also a great way to fit a large key word or key phrase into the 25 character limit top link line. Basically dynamic insertion takes the keyword or key phrase from your keyword list and throws it into the link line when it exactly matches the searchers query. You can also add other creative to the link line that will also show seamlessly with the dynamically inserted keyword.
Be cautious in how you use this. It has the potential to harm your image. As stated above we have all seen how some ads that show for our searches have nothing to do with what we searched for. Especially in phrase searches. One example I have seen was someone searching for the band “The Dead Pets” and because someone had targeted pets as a key word their ad showed something like “The Dead Pets-In Stock”. Obviously not a great way to show up for an erroneous placement.
How to do it
Pretty Simple, Use the squiggly brackets, and depending on how you capitalize the word “keyword” will determine how it capitalizes the keyword you have targeted. See below for a Google example:

{Keyword: corporate catering} will show as: corporate catering
{Keyword: Corporate catering} will show as: Corporate catering
{KeyWord: Corporate Catering} will show as: Corporate Catering

For Product companies a cool way to use this and grab searcher attention is to ad text in after the brackets:

{KeyWord: Corporate Catering} Local
or for a specific part # {KeyWord: C77538} In-stock

I would encourage every company to at least try this out. See if there are any fluctuations in CTR’s. And always use the Ad Preview tool to review!


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