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Automated Information Exchange: 5 Ways Automatic File Transfers Can Help to Improve Productivity


According to the CMO Council, lost productivity costs companies a whopping $1 trillion every year. It’s important to reduce these costs whenever possible, and it’s no secret that top businesses use automation as the key to increased productivity. Businesses automate everything from their report creation to their social media posting – so why are they failing to automate their file transfer? Here are 5 reasons why you should.

It frees up your time

Like any manual process, manual information exchange is time-consuming. Even transferring the simplest of data or the smallest of files requires deliberate effort, taking time away from you and your employees. The average employee spends 20-40% of their time just manually searching for documents. By automating your file transfer, you’re freeing up time for your IT team to spend on other, more important tasks.

It minimizes the risk of losing your data

How much time have you and your team wasted chasing up data that mysteriously disappears? Files get deleted, emails are archived and file transfers fail for a whole slew of reasons. By automating your file transfer, you’re creating a more reliable process and reducing the human error that comes with manual processes. It also gives you a chance to automate responses to file transfer issues, so you can rest assured that things are working smoothly (and get back to worrying about other things).

It helps you keep an eye on things

Automating your file transfer helps you track results and have a consistently clear idea of what information is going where and when. This boosts productivity across your team as you have all the data you need to see what’s working and what’s not, so you can make more informed decisions on where to scale up and focus your efforts.

It enhances information exchange security

Choosing a reliable automation software means your data is in good hands. Tried-and-true automated workflows mean your file transfer processes are safeguarded against data loss, while encryption protection can keep your processes compliant – and give you better peace of mind that your information is getting where it needs to go.

It keeps your end users happy

There’s no greater headache than dealing with the complaints that come with failed or untimely data transfer. Automating your file transfer provides a superior user experience, giving your end users quicker access to the information they need, when and where they need it. No more waiting for employees to come back from holiday so they can send the necessary files, and no more dealing with customer service nightmares – just a seamless automated process.

Automated information exchange is an easy solution that will keep you, your IT team and your end users happy – and a happier team is a more productive team. By automating your file transfer processes, you can solve a slew of problems – from human error and data loss – while also generating the insights you need to make better long-term decisions. It’s a win-win situation – so what’s holding you back?

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