To Compete In Business Globally, Consider An InternationalOption In An MBA Degree Program

Everyone knows that the business world of today is much more far-reaching and globalized than it was even a scant 10 years ago, and today it pays to have international business experience to go along with your Canadian MBA. Earning international business experience beforeyou graduate will make you even more of an asset when it comes time to interview for that first big job in business, management, or finance.

Business school represents the expansion of job options, providing for some career flexibility and an MBA with an international study elective option can make it easier to pursue careers in management consulting, investment banking, operations, or private equity both at home as well as abroad.

Many Canadian students crave the opportunity to add a summer abroad to their CV, and an MBA with an international study option is a great way to achieve this kind of international experience.By studying in a foreign country — even for a short period — you’ll gain a new understanding of a country’s language, cultural customs, and business practices. Interacting with the native population and fellow international students allows you to gain greater respect for other cultures and because leadership styles often differ from one culture or country to the next, you will learn how to work within a new cultural paradigm — all of which will help you gain a sophisticated and diversified business worldview. With so many Canadian companies expanding their business horizons, MBA graduates with international experience are more highly valued than ever.

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If you are thinking about pursuing an international option as part of your Canadian MBA, consider an approach similar to that of Wilfrid Laurier University, which adds several international options to their recognized and reputable integrated core curriculum. Students can complement their general MBA with international experience by participating in either the International Business study trip elective (a two-week excursion that allows our students to learn how business operates in a foreign country and how foreign universities approach business education) or the International Summer School option (which gives students the opportunity to attend summer school in a foreign country enabling them to network with business students and faculty from all over the world).

Students will participate in business meetings and company tours in the host country, and they will be offered the opportunity to gain insight into differences in business culture and the way in which these differences affect business operations both abroad and back home in Canada. Each option is custom-tailored to students who will choose which business schools to visit and when and where in their program they wish to travel, and each option offer students international business experience that employers will be looking for after graduation.

According to MBA graduate Anthony Strong, the International Business options offered as part of Wilfrid Laurier University’s general MBA programwere part of “an amazing experience. We were able to have an insider’s view of problems faced by different companies and their solutions in action. The knowledge gained about businesses and culture was unlike any academic class because you saw the whole story, unedited. The trip added value that cannot be taught in the classroom.”

Laurier’s integrated core teaching model, combined with its world-renowned faculty and its international study options, makes it one of Canada’s top business schools. Check out the full time MBA programs at and see which option is right for you.

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