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Don’t Fall For Fakes, Solid Development Determines Your Success


You’ve probably heard all kinds of things about web design. How you can easily develop a site on your own using DIY site builders. How you don’t need to design from scratch because there are thousands of free templates out there. How you could save a lot of money by choosing these free options, and a host of other presumptions.

Beware of these theories. There is only one way to get an effective business website – and that’s through professional design. Here’s why;

  1. You have 50 milliseconds to impress

According to multiple studies, web visitors take a paltry 50 milliseconds to form an opinion of your site. That’s not even enough time to read a single word of text. But, yes, most people don’t need to read a word to decide whether to stay or leave. Up to 94% of users base their judgments on first impression. And, since first impressions can be incredibly difficult to change, an unprofessional-looking site can continually cost you customers. A professional design, meanwhile, would allow you to grab attention with a strong first impression, leading to a steady rate of conversion.

  1. Technologies change every second

Success marketing on the internet is largely hinged on being able to stay abreast of technology. If you miss out even on a single development, you could potentially miss out on sales! As if that’s not enough, technology always changes. New computer code, new tools to integrate with, new ways to draw visitors – all these can happen in the space of days. Those DIY site developers take ages to update their platforms which would hold you back and thus prevent you from taking advantage of any new technologies. DIY platforms, for instance, still don’t support RSS feeds and certain videos. Professional development is the only way to avoid such misery.

  1. SEO compliance and ranking

For those who’ve tried DIY site builders before, you’ll be aware of the many SEO challenges one can experience with these platforms. SEO begins from the very structure of a site. For a site to be ranked well, it must be easy to navigate, with content placed strategically across the site. It must also load within seconds and be mobile-ready. Unfortunately, most site builders struggle badly with most of these functions. Some builders, for instance, require that you install plug-ins to boost speed, only for these same plug-ins to slow the site even further. With professional design, you get exactly what you pay for – a structurally sound site that is easy to crawl.

  1. Website maintenance and updating

Finally, you also need to consider factors such as maintenance. What happens after you have the website? Your mobile, java, or Drupal development company, depending on the type of site you’re developing, would normally help with the maintenance and regular updating. But what if you used a DIY site builder? You’d be stranded.

For these reasons, you should only consider professional website development. Yes, you’ll need to pay. But rest assured of getting value for every dollar.

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