How to Keep Your Boss Happy


Working for someone else isn’t always easy. You have a lot of responsibility you’re trying to take care of, while at the same time your boss is piling on the extra work. It’s no wonder you feel stressed out and on edge. Try not to let it get to you.

The most important action you can take is to please your boss and keep them off your back. This way you can both work in peace and quiet. It’s smart of you to do all that’s in your power to keep your superior focused on themselves or someone else. See how to keep your boss happy.

Be on Time

It’s a good idea to keep a watch on you at all times. Show up early to important meetings and company functions. Don’t be that person running through the door at the last minute. Your boss will start to realize they don’t have to worry about you so much and back off a bit. You’ll also be setting a good example for other team members. It feels better to be on time than popping in late and becoming that person who’s never on time.

Be Honest

Honesty goes a long way. Tell the truth and people will respect you more. It’s not the end of the world if you didn’t finish an assignment on time. Be upfront with your manager and let them know why you’re late handing it in. If you don’t understand your assignment, be honest and speak up. Ask questions and search for answers until you feel comfortable moving forward. You’re likely to get caught if you lie, and you won’t feel too good about yourself. Do what’s right and tell the truth immediately.

Be Vocal

Offer up ideas about how to make the company or your product better. For example, suggest you hire someone to deal with your Web Design if it isn’t very attractive. Your boss will love that you’re suggesting a practical way to improve the current situation. Keep up with your site’s appearances and guarantee a flawless user experience. It’s all about first impressions and making sure what’s online properly reflects your company’s products and services. Tell your boss when you have a great idea, and share it with your team. They’ll appreciate your willingness to speak up and notice your newfound confidence.

Be Productive

No boss likes to see their employees sitting around doing nothing and playing on social media. Make your manager proud by producing great work for them. Create a schedule and use your time wisely so you stay on track. Strive to hand in excellent work that gets noticed by your boss and others. Avoid letting your superior catch you staring off into space and wasting the company’s time.


If there’s one person who you want to remain happy at work, it’s your boss. Do yourself a favor and take the proper actions to make sure this holds true. This is how to keep your boss happy.

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