Stop obsessing over conversion rates and start worrying about SEO

seoSo you have a website, and your site is doing well regarding conversion rate. However, you are not too happy. It’s not difficult to understand why. Conversion rate comes from a minuscule percentage of your target audience. About 2% of your visitors are buying stuff from you. Maybe you have worked hard, and now the numbers are up to 10%. Even then, this is a tiny fraction.

If you think, you will be optimizing your website only for that 2% you will be in trouble. This is because conversion rates aren’t actionable. We aren’t saying they aren’t significant. We are saying they are not omnipotent. If you are currently thinking of devising new ways to optimize your site for only the buyers, your high conversion rate is bound to backfire.

It’s quite ridiculous –

Think of it this way – you are asking your development and marketing team to focus on your buyers only. As a result, you are focusing 100% of your resources and time on only 2%-10% of your website visitors. Does that seem like a balanced distribution to you? We can understand why conversion rate is crucial to you. Even a professional SEO company focuses on its conversion rates from time to time, but we also understand that it is the end of the sales funnel. Not the beginning.

By focusing your resources at the very end of the sales funnel, you are just neglecting the majority who are bouncing off at the top. Instead of obsessing over the end of the task, you should focus on the rate of task completion. You need to understand what attracts people to your website primarily. It can be a blog they found online, a micro-blog from Twitter, pictures share on Instagram or posts about offers on Facebook. The reasons can be plenty. People are on your site either to find more of what they already liked or to find something new.

Why are your visitors attracted to you?

You must remember, most internet users have unlimited power of Google search at their disposal. They can always search and find what they are looking for. If they have ended up at your doorstep, there must be something significant they are looking for. The rate of task completion necessarily means going on a quest to find out if people are finding what they were looking for.

The basic aim of this is to offer your visitors a better user experience. The UX should drive the morale of your website designing team and not just conversion rate. Although a small increase in the latter feels significantly more rewarding. The speed of task completion gives you more actionable elements. You can change them, fix them and keep track of the effects of the same.

What are your micro-conversions?

The most actionable are the user flow or the journey of the average user down your website all the way through to conversion. Conversion can be a reservation, purchase or subscription – this will depend upon the purpose of your site. Optimization of user flow is a big step in CRO development. You will need the help of a good website development company for this one. You can also take help of Google Analytics for the various types of user flows.

What role does SEO play in increasing UX?

Each page has a crucial role in micro-conversions. This is where the role of a good SEO company becomes vital. Each micro-conversion is dependent on several elements including customer reviews, positive ratings, backlinks, offers and other similar features. A good search engine optimization company can curate all these items from different corners of the internet. The best places for fetching these micro-conversion drivers are business review websites, business listing directories, and social media mentions. We have our specialized tools to listen in on all the internet gossip and news that mention your company name. We can collect all the data that you will need to impress your visitors.

Micro-conversions are actionable as well. We use tools and plug-ins to measure them in real-time for your website. For example – we have seen, the inclusion of an introductory video can increase a site conversion by 80%. However, an e-commerce site will not benefit from the same factors as a non-profit website. We need to keep these small but imperative factors in mind while designing optimization and marketing strategies for our clients.

We lay emphasis on funnel reports and micro conversions since they arm us with actionable information that can explain why your sales were down last month and what you can do to make the numbers shine. We can analyze each factor for you and find out exactly what your website team should work on to improve sales next month.

What’s our take on micro-conversions?

Just to give you an idea, we will let you in on our micro-conversions list that we use to measure our website performance –

  1. Download rate: we have plenty of PDFs and white papers that our clients can download from us. We consider them as a significant micro conversion because we can track it by “virtual pageviews.” Every downloader is a potential customer.
  2. Mailing list: When someone joins our mailing list, they automatically make it to our potential customer list as well. When a person offers their email address, they are automatically qualified as a potential client.
  • Forum account creators: this is rare but not impossible. We get visitors who create forum accounts on our website. Sometimes they do it for interesting discussions and sometimes for useful advice. However, they are still a step closer to the purchase procedure.
  1. Wishlist: this is a powerful instrument that influences people. Once you keep reminding them what they have stored in their wishlist, they are bound to come back and at least take another look. Anyone with a wishlist on your website is a strong candidate for a customer position.

This is a brief glimpse of our company micro conversion list that we use to understand our website performance. Conversion rates have never been our primary target; they have always been our outcome. We serve to optimize websites and extract the best results from the same.

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