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4 Ways Instagram Can Help You Boost Your Business


When it comes to social media and SEO, there is an ongoing debate whether search engines algorithms take social signals into account when it comes to search rankings. But it’s important to keep in mind that no matter their current role in search rankings, social media platforms can definitely play the part of search engines, with their own set of rules, optimization practices, users and benefits. The key is to become a user that holds enough social authority in order to expand your online presence, by counting on the search engines to make the search experience user-friendly.
There still are many well kept secrets about how you can use social media to boost your business. Take Instagram, for example. This is one of the fastest growing platforms, with 600 million monthly active users registered in December 2016. If you have already created a presence for your business on Instagram, or you consider doing just that, here are some ways that you can make this work wonderfully for you:

Make good use out of Instagram’s Business Tools
Your account holds certain features that were built precisely for businesses. This will give you the opportunity to monitor your posts performances and it will help you understand more about your followers. It’s a known fact that small businesses don’t invest enough in digital marketing, but those who do are well aware of it’s importance.

Develop SEO strategies
There are plenty ways in which SEO strategies can help you develop your business. Use your search button in order to find the most popular (but not over-used) hashtags and determine which ones are more relevant to what you have to offer. Companies like Toronto SEO can definitely make your life easier when it comes to developing and maintaining SEO strategies that work for you and that help boost your profit.

Do something for the community
Depending on your line of business, you should consider giving some of your profits away to nonprofits in your domain or attend fundraisers for causes that are important to you. This particular social platform is highly visual and it will be great for your business to show that you care about others and that you have a healthy social conscience.

Organize giveaways and contests
There is a well-known strategy in gaining followers: offering prizes. It’s also a part of smart investing, because these contests are meant to engage people and increase your SEO. This app involves a lot of creativity, and you should always keep in mind what it is that attracts people to Instagram . A simple ’Who’s photo is the best?’ contest is usually all it takes to spark attention.

These are some of the things that will definitely help you expand your business and make good use of what Instagram has to offer in this particular domain. If you think starting from scratch can be a little hard to do, there is also the solution of buying an account that has already a large number of followers, but there is a chance that the audience you ’purchase’ isn’t the one that is appropriate for your type of business. Either way, Instagram is certainly an important element when it comes to digital marketing, one that will definitely get more attention from businesses, big or small.

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