5 Great ways to customize your Facebook page


  1. Miproapps
    -An application that allows users to design a fan page by
    simply dragging and dropping elements to the center of the page.

  2. Tabfusion
    -An application that actually has an app for each tab that you
    want to add to your Facebook fan page. This application is free.

  3. NorthSocial
    -A service (which comes with a 14-day free trial) that
    provides easy-to-use applications that enable users to quickly create and
    edit a custom Facebook page.

  4. Static520
    -This service helps users create the illusion of having a
    mini-website inside of their Facebook fan page. Once you sign up for the
    service and add your content to their editor program, you will then be able
    to add a static FBML tab to your page where you will be able to copy the
    code. Users get 2 weeks worth of a free trial to see if they like the
    service, and then after that it’s $19/year.

  5. Pagemodo
    -An application that allows users to create a ‘Welcome’ or
    ‘About’ tab on their Facebook fan page without any prior knowledge about
    Static FBML by using a generator that is simply to use.

    Click here
    to see Pagemodo in action.

For a continuation of this list, check out the link below to TechCrunch.



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