Social media has a global reach, which is why it’s so surprising when otherwise high quality brands make serious online faux pas. Make sure to follow these etiquette tips when using social media.


1. If you need to update your Facebook page several times a day, at least space out the posts so they don’t overwhelm anyone’s newsfeed.

2. Make sure that you always respond to comments, even if they’re negative. By professionally handling negative feedback, you’ll show your audience that you care about their opinion.

3. When you’re trying to grow your business, there are a lot of tools available, from Innovia Community Management Cooperative to social media. While you may be a U.S.-based company, don’t leave out other countries. Currently, Canada is actually the most active company on Facebook.

4. You shouldn’t use the same number of hashtags on every social media platform. On Facebook, one hashtag is fine, or even zero hashtags on some posts; on Twitter and Pinterest, two hashtags per post are ideal; on Instagram, you can use up to eleven hashtags per post, but include them in the comment section, not the description.

5. Don’t ask other people to “like” your page or follow you! This is annoying and it can also be considered spam. If your account gets too many warnings, you could be shut down permanently. Plus, it’s a desperate way to get new followers. On the same note, don’t ask people to “like” your update unless you’re running a contest or taking a survey.

6. When talking about your brand, always use first person plural, even if you’re a solo entrepreneur.

7. As a brand, you shouldn’t share a lot of personal information. Unless it’s directly related to your brand and your audience will see value in your post, your personal information doesn’t belong on a business account.

8. On Twitter, don’t use all 140 characters. If you do, your followers won’t be able to re-Tweet you and include a short comment.

9. Always try to keep your posts positive. Negative brands have a hard time collecting and keeping fans.

10. Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are three social platforms where it’s okay to post several times a day. However, spread out your posts and vary the content.

Don’t let bad online manners and poor behavior get in the way of your success.

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