The Liaison between SEO and Social Media Marketing as a Tool to Boost Content Recognition


The cornerstone of business development is dependent upon forging valuable connections with industry associates and successful relationships. Whether you’re selling automobile, managing a successful restaurant or providing professional services to the masses, the impact of getting the word out in a succinct and compelling way cannot be overstated. The relationship between SEO and content marketing is central if you want to promote your content and inform your target market.

In today’s media-driven world, the most productive avenues for building relationships involve social media. Long gone are the days of pounding the proverbial (and literal) pavement to cold call potential conglomerates. Since the advent of email and social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, reaching the objective of making initial contact with the desired target can be as simple as clicking ‘send’ in an email.

The perspective demonstrated by social media can be a valuable tool for any business by providing a platform for expedited research and development. It’s beneficial to utilize the information available on social media as a resource to determine if partnering with a targeted company would be useful, or not. It’s crucial to remember that this fact finding mission works both ways; so be mindful of what you’re posting on your company’s sites and invest in timely and relevant posts that highlight your company’s milestones, successes, and growth.

Since a project manager usually has an idea of the type of business they would consider working with for a particular venture, it makes sense to be consistent and follow the posts of potential partners over the course of a specified timeline. This research will provide an invaluable window from which to analyze their performance within the online environment.

The online marketing network continues to grow as does the relationship between SEO and social media. With Google tracking social networking indicators, such as Facebooks ‘likes’ and posts, the association between search rankings and content marketing is clear.

What’s the best way for companies to ensure that the general population is viewing them in a positive light? If you want to connect with your customers and improve your brand loyalty, there are two must-dos. First, be sure to stay consistent with the message you’re sending but don’t rehash old ideas. While it’s a good idea to schedule future posts to avoid activity gaps, don’t merely repost the same content to fill a gap. It’s appropriate to repost a popular message but do so with care. Also, be sure to review the audience feedback and revise your content based upon the consensus for past posts. When you bring fresh ideas to your site, you will generate new traffic and interest in your merchandise.

If you’re not sure where to begin, you can consult with a direct marketing agency such as Lynup, who can provide marketing solutions to escalate your company’s productivity without increasing costs. They offer a customized menu of marketing services such as offset and digital printing, direct mail services, and program expansion.

Although the relationship between social media marketing and SEO is often subtle, it should not be discounted. When your marketing strategy intends to increase revenue and recognition of your product, using an efficient promotion plan is only part of an effective strategy. You can rely on a knowledgeable, direct marketing firm to capitalize on the association between the elements of SEO and social media marketing and boost your brand awareness.  A savvy business owner who pays attention to the important characteristics of this liaison can reap the benefits of current marketing efforts.

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