With three and a half years, Pinterest has become a major social network. As reported by comScore, Pinterest had 11.7 million unique visitors in January 2012, which has made ​​this social network website it has reached the figure of 10 million in less time. If we consult the Page Rank Google, Pinterest has an 8 out of 10, and the Alexa ranking occupies the 29th position overall ranking.



Pinterest is a social network that allows users to search, share and organize pictures (and video) depending on your tastes. Let us look how it works and how to use pinterest for business:

Users can upload images or add them from a website by copying the URl. This is called the “Pin It”. Also if you use the “Pin it” button in your browser, you can add images directly without having to enter the social network. The great advantage of Pinterest is that each image is a link to a source (web), which is gateway traffic to a website.

The images are organized through the “pinboards” or thematic panels. The panels work gathering images by topics or interests, such as “For Home”, “Motorcycle”, “Fashion vintage “….At the same time, users can perform searches on Pinterest and follow the Pinterest user publish content of interest, and “Repin” to save the content on your own board. One of the great strengths of this network is that it is very easy to use and intuitive, and especially addictive!


To learn how to apply our social media strategy, one of the first things we do is to meet our target audience and what social networks used. So who uses Pinterest? we should not rule out using options if our target audience are young men. More and more kids who use Pinterest, and we can devise a strategy to capture their attention and create related content to your tastes. If our target is not the majority in Pinterest, nothing happens, do not throw us back statistics and be creative.


The terms of use of Pinterest specify that businesses should open a trading account. This type of account Enterprise offers several advantages. First, business accounts for Pintrest allow Pinterest profile link to the corporate website and attract traffic in both directions: from options to the web and the web profile Pinterest al. When you verify your website on Pinterest, it will appear as an active link in your profile. On the other hand, you can also link other social networks like Twitter or Facebook as happens with personal profiles.

Company Pages Pinterest let you have a full profile. You must use this option to display information about your company. You can specify the type of business to which you devote. You must also write a description of your business that is clear, and use relevant keywords for your industry.


As already noted, Pinterest is a social network where raw visual, so if your business operates in a sector in which the image is important, you will get a lot out by creating a smart strategy.

The most popular images on Pinterest are those of food and drink, followed by DIY (“Do it Yourself” or Do it yourself) and crafts, and related fashion for women . Therefore it is clear that if you are a restaurant or shop decoration or fashion, you must be in Pinterest and display your products. Other sectors also highly valued the social network are related to the design, advertising, illustration and photography, so if this is your industry, you can turn options on a portfolio of your work.


So what pineamos? Well, as we said, Pinterest can be a very good showcase for our products. Moreover, as we have seen, if the images of our products are hosted on our corporate website or online store, we can add them directly from the URL of the page of this product. This enables the user Pinterest reach our corporate website from the social network.

You can also use this social network to share photos of our workplace. If you have a workspace nice, modern, or curious why not take advantage of this also in the network? Moreover, this would be one of those uses Pinterest to those who can benefit businesses without visual component. For example, if we are a factory of organic milk, maybe our product does not have much hook as an image, but you can have our farms in the countryside or animals in open spaces.

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