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A Few Tips on Starting a Flower Growing Business


A lot of people get into gardening as a hobby, but if you have the talent for it, you can always turn it into a profitable business. While you can also grow herbs, vegetables, and fruits in your garden, today, we are going to concentrate on the specifics of the flower gardening business. Before we begin with the steps and tips though, keep in mind that if this is your first time, it is advisable to begin the planning phase in mid-winter, so that you can make the best of the upcoming spring and summer.

Getting to Know the Market

Before you try and figure out what the market needs the most right now, decide where you will be selling your flowers. Supermarkets, wholesalers, farmer’s markets and florists are usually places that will be buying your flowers from you. Go through your options by meeting a few of your local shops in person and show them your samples. Make a choice based on your garden’s estimated production capacity and, of course, the best price offered. Just in case your farm is anywhere close to a busy place or a tourist attraction, you might not even have to go anywhere at all. Just start a small flower shop of your own, right on the farm, as there is nothing people like better than flowers picked straight from the garden. Eventually, you might want to sell your flowers to other shops as well, but always start small

The Right Flowers

As we are planning to turn this into a business, you will need to produce flowers that are in-demand or those that are particularly rare in the area. Now, ideally, people would advise you to only grow flowers that are native to the region or at least, are suited to the local and immediate weather conditions, but with the help of light deprivation greenhouses, you can pretty much grow anything you want, at any time of the year. While most farmers would be dependent on the whims of the local weather conditions, you would be growing cosmos, zinnias, and Poinsettias all year round. Do pay heed to what your buyers want the most though and direct your gardening efforts largely towards them, but every now and then, also throw in a few varieties of your own to keep things fresh.


You probably know a bit about irrigation already, or you wouldn’t be reading this, but if you are going from hobby gardening to full-scale flower farming, you might want to opt for drip irrigation because it’s perfect for watering the roots without actually getting the plants wet. A drip tape is fine if your plants are in line and it’s inexpensive, but if the flower beds are not in line, go with soaker hoses for best results.


If you are getting into growing flowers professionally, you will need coolers to keep them from wilting once picked, especially when you need them to last the night during the hotter months. Even if you don’t have a cooler available at that moment, do make sure that the flowers are immediately moved inside, put in a bucket of water, and kept away from the direct heat of the sun.

Floral Preservatives

A floral preservative is absolutely essential for the flower farmer because, without the additive, the flowers won’t last long enough to sell. The combination of sugar, biocide, and an acidifier is what a floral preservative consists of, and when added to the water the flowers are being kept in, it makes most species last a lot longer than normal. As flowers do not last very long after being picked, this little ingredient could be the difference between profit and loss on a daily basis.

Bigger Tools

Anyone who has grown flowers before already knows what tools they need, and they probably have most of them already, but bigger and better tools might be necessary since we are trying to grow a lot more flowers than before. Bigger, stronger shears for pruning your plants and larger (2 – 5 gallon) buckets for carrying your flowers after picking them could be needed, but only buy them after you feel the need to.

That’s about it, as far as starting a new flower growing business is concerned, and you should be okay as long as you keep these points in mind. Not that it will make your business impervious to all future issues, but it’s the right plan to have towards starting a profitable flower growing business.

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