How to Find the Right Supplier for Your Products



Finding a supplier for a new business is a challenging and, usually, an overwhelming step to undertake. There are many suppliers out there looking to take your money without providing any products in return for a start. There are also many other suppliers that aren’t reliable. Therefore, choosing a supplier and even finding one is a tough ask. However, it can be done, and by following the below steps, you can find a supplier that very much suits your needs.

Use Online Resources

The first step is to perform a quick search in Google – you never know how easy it could be to find a supplier for your niche. Sometimes it’s much trickier than a search in Google, though, but there are plentiful resources that can help you in your search – click here for more information. It’s simple. If you require unusual machine parts, search for it in Google and you’ll get If you’re looking to resell old computer games, do a search and you’ll instantly have multiple suppliers available. Google is your friend – sometimes it just requires someone with time and patience to sieve their way through the result pages.

Use Sites Like Alibaba for Your Search

Sites like Alibaba are good resources for finding new suppliers and manufacturers. Most of the suppliers are based in Asia, so it’s usually a viable source to get new products shipped to your country. You must be careful using such sites because you never know who you’re dealing with, but sites like Alibaba are always implementing new ways to help protect the end user.

Look Right on Your Doorstep

It doesn’t matter what country you reside in – there are likely to be suppliers right on your doorstep. Granted, not all local suppliers offer you the chance to make much profit on your chosen products, but you never know if there’s a decent supplier just down the road. Look in your local newspapers and advertisements. Also, visit your local industrial estates to see what types of businesses operate – you’ll always be surprised by what you can find on your doorstep.

Research Wholesale Directories

There are hundreds of wholesale directories online and, while many of them simply don’t offer any good contacts, there are still good ones available. Look at this list of wholesale directories to help better your search.

Never Settle for One Supplier

Of course, it’s not about finding the right supplier, it’s about finding the right suppliers. The last thing you want as a new business is your one and only supplier to stop selling goods. It will put you in a big hole that you’ll not likely be able to get out of. It’s tricky finding one supplier let alone two or three, but it’s something that must be considered, otherwise, your business could go down the pan.

Ultimately, finding a supplier is as challenging as you make it, and it depends on what you’re willing to do to find the right supplier for your business. Once you do find a supplier, however, be sure to put the extra effort into adding a couple more to your list, otherwise your business could end up in trouble.

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