Popular And Effective Employee Training Techniques

employee training

The most important asset to a company is its employees and the level of success of a company depends on the level of training given to the employees. Training helps employees to develop the required skills needed for the job and to fulfil all the areas where they are lacking. A proper training not only gives benefit to the employees but it also provides benefit to the management and the company since the productivity of the organization is increased by improved performance. Professional organizations always give emphasis on employee growth and development and therefore look for various techniques for providing training to employees.

The most popular employee training techniques are:

1- On the job training

2- Off the job training

3- Apprenticeship training

4- Training Centre training

5- Internship training

Whatever may be the employee training techniques used in the organization it should be made clear that the organization needs are met. The organizations look after the following things while selecting a particular method- cost, time available, skills required, knowledge depth etc. Let us go over the employee training techniques one by one-

On the job training

In this method of employee training the employees are instructed by some experienced employee who is said to be an instructor or supervisor. The success of this training depends on the inputs of the trainer. The main advantage of this type of training is that the employee learns in actual conditions of the job rather than artificial conditions. This gives motivation to learn.

Off the job employee training techniques

In this method the trainee has to leave the job place and spend entire time for training purposes. The employee under training does not contribute anything towards production during the time. This type of training is provided by special training institutes or arranged in other enterprises. Generally big enterprises have separate training institutes giving off the job employee training.

Apprenticeship training

This type of employee training technique is used in many industries like printing, metal, building construction etc. It may go for 3 to 5 years and the worker is usually absorbed as a regular employee after the training period is completed. The apprentice gets stipend during the training period. This method is one of the oldest employee training techniques in trades, crafts and technical areas. The apprentice is also entitled to bonus, vacation and other facilities like regular employees. The advantage of this technique is that trainees receive stipend as well as valuable skill which carries a good demand in the market.

Training Centre training

This is also called vestibule training and workers are trained on special machines in separate locations called classrooms. The theoretical training is given inside the classroom.


Here the student gets practical training while studying the relevant courses. A liaison is established between the institutions and companies where students are sent for internship. The main purpose is to provide a practical knowledge to students while studying. In most of the cases the students perform the real job and in some cases the company also offers full time job opportunity to the interns.

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