Readership Favor, Some Stats and e-Byte

The Favor…

puppy.thumbnailI have a favor to ask of our RSS readership. Would you e-mail 5 people from your e-mail list letting them know about Create Business Growth and encouraging them to try out RSS? We even have an RSS tutorial to make it easy for the novice. In return, we will give you 10 additional entries in our upcoming contest if you will just e-mail and let her know that you did this. We truly value you, our reader, and would like to gain additional readership. We have an internal goal for June which we will share with you when we get our e-Byte ready in July. If there is a favor that you have of us (other than making sure you win the gear), please let us know.

The Stats…

Over the last three days, we have averaged over 300 unique visitors per day which is not too bad for a 6 week old blog. Last week we had 1,999 unique visitors over a seven day stretch. We’ll share our tactics in our upcoming e-Byte.

The e-Byte…

We will be putting together an e-Byte, as we call it around here, which will be about a 10 page PDF on what we learned during our first weeks of serious blogging. That should be available for FREE in early July.

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