Who Said That?


Here’s the roundup of noteworthy blogs for this week:

  1. Brains on Fire
    -Brains of Fire is an interesting site that is maintained
    by several contributing writers who discuss such subjects as branding,
    design, marketing, news and communication.

  2. Blog Maverick
    -Written by Mark Cuban, this blog focuses on business,
    financial matters, the media influence and marketing issues.

  3. Anil Dash
    -Written by Anil Dash, the VP over at

    Six Apart
    , this blog deals with media, politics and culture.  Some
    really interesting things worth reading about here!

  4. Best Engaging Communities
    -In this blog, written by Mukund Mohan, the
    focus is on online communities, social networks, technology issues and
    everything as it relates to the wonderful world of marketing.  Definitely
    something to be learned here!

  5. Common User
    -This is the personal space of Jem Stone, a Communities Exec
    for the BBC’s audio and music department.  Stone takes a somewhat unique
    approach in his blog by either simply posting links that relate to the news,
    media or music.  At other times, he discusses various happenings in the
    media world.  This is definitely a place worth checking out sometime!

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