Facing a DUI charge can be stressful


Facing a DUI charge can be stressful, but you shouldn’t give up hope and assume that a conviction is inevitable. An experienced criminal lawyer Oakland such as Louis Goodman can evaluate your case and provide valuable legal assistance. Building a strong defense may reduce the charges or lead to a case dismissal.

Lack of Probable Cause

A police officer has failed to properly follow criminal procedures if he didn’t have reasonable grounds for pulling you over and arresting you for DUI. If the judge decides there was a lack of probable cause for the arrest, the evidence subsequently obtained against you can be excluded from the case. When there isn’t enough evidence to support the criminal charges, the case could get dismissed.

You Weren’t Read Your Miranda Rights

If you are arrested, the police officers are required to inform you of your Miranda rights. You have the right to request an attorney. Any incriminating statements you make can be used against you if you waive your right to legal counsel. If you weren’t read your Miranda rights, the prosecutor may not be able to include your statements as part of the evidence in the case.

False Reading on the Breathalyzer
Sometimes, the breathalyzer doesn’t accurately state the amount of alcohol in your system. The breathalyzer may not have been properly calibrated or maintained by law enforcement. The police officer may have also failed to properly administer the breath test. If you suffer from heartburn, acid reflux or other types of medical conditions, the breathalyzer could give an inaccurately high reading of your blood alcohol level.

Innocent Driving Errors Wrongly Interpreted as Signs of DUI

If police officers see you swerving across lanes, making wide turns, and performing other driving errors, they may believe that you are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Sober drivers often make these kinds of mistakes if they are not paying attention while they are operating a vehicle. Some drivers may also be dealing with fatigue or having a minor problem with their eyesight such as watery eyes.

Contact an Oakland DUI Lawyer
Getting charged with DUI is a serious legal matter that could have long-term consequences. Penalties for a DUI conviction may include jail time, expensive fines, and a driver’s license suspension or revocation. Consult a criminal defense lawyer to discuss your legal options and ensure your rights are being protected.

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