There is no better way to gain employee loyalty and admiration for your company than by creating custom office accessories. The right products in your employee’s hands will be shown off. Promotional products are the absolute best way to do this, and if you haven’t considered taking advantage of this affordable marketing tool – it’s easier than you think.


Instilling a sense of motivation and enthusiasm in your employees is the best way to make sure they stay committed to their workplace. Sometimes all it takes is a little push from the company to build a sense of morale and team spirit. By creating customized accessories that are free for your staff to use, your team will feel a sense of pride at using branded stationary, pens and office wear. Think of major brands like Coca Cola and Nike – and the way their logo and brand name is ubiquitous with their product. Many medical companies have found that by giving away promotional merchandise, they can remain constantlyin the minds of their employees. By creating unique branded items that are used every day by your employees, these products can stand in as positive reinforcement. These promotional products are an inexpensive way to get your name out there as items are used outside the workplace too.

We’ve all seen those fridge magnets and mousepads. While they’re a traditional way to merchandise your brand, you may want to take your products a step further and create customized apparel. Not only will your employees wear your unique clothing to work, but they may also sport it when they are running errands around town, heading to the gym or while going on vacation. All you need to do is create a nice a zip up jacket, polo or dress shirt for company events. A branded towel may find its way anywhere from the swimming pool to a holiday destination. Even if your employees just end up wearing these items at home, you will still receive exposure towards their friends and family.

How do you get the ball rolling on creating a unique line of promotional merchandise? First, contact a reputable manufacturer of branded office products in your area. Look for someone who has been in the business for a long time and knows the industry. The right company will have a graphic design team on staff that can easily implement your desired logo and colour scheme. The best places will be able to set up a meeting and help to creatively brainstorm which items are right for you. After putting in an order, you can announce your line of promotional gear at an office event, such as a Christmas party, summer barbecue or even at a staff meeting. Give away your gear to your most motivated employees and keep your office morale up by frequently announcing contest, giveaways and special events.

If you’re desperately looking for a way to reinforce company loyalty and spread the word about your brand, consider creating some promotional products. If you’re looking for the best selection of promotion products in Toronto, choose a company that has a long track record of creating quality branded merchandise. The Markham-based company Commercial Marketing has been in business since 1987 and can create a line of products for conferences, sporting events and trade shows. Let your employees show off your brand by constantly using, wearing and borrowing your line of unique office wear. Now you’re not only a company, you’re a designer too.


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