The Top Office Furniture Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

office furniture mistake

Most people make a lot of costly mistakes when shopping for furniture for their office. Are you one of them? Here’s how to find out.

Buying Something Flashy

One of the most common mistakes small business owners make is buying flashy furniture that they don’t need. Even large corporations make this mistake. Really, all you need for a desk is a table top and these folding table legs. Seriously. You can do your work on anything with 4 legs and a flat surface.

When you’re just starting out, don’t spend a lot of money on a workspace. Just make sure it’s stable, and conducive to work. That’s it.

Another mistake business people make is to choose form over function. Something might look nice, but it might not be all that comfortable. Opt for comfort first. Your clients will thank you (if they come into the office), your employees with thank you, and you will thank yourself.

Not Keeping Your Employees In Mind

Speaking of employees, keep them in mind when making purchases. Everyone is different, and what might be comfortable for you might not be comfortable for your employees. A desk that works for a tall person, for example, might be uncomfortable for someone who is 5’2”.

Some employees might need collaborative workstations while others might need individual or segregated desks or work spaces. You can’t meet all needs with the same furniture. So, make furniture goals based on the needs of your employees and shop accordingly.

Buying Without Any Plan

Any big investment you make in your business requires a plan. Buying impulsively might cause you to regret your decision later on, so consider how often the item will be used and whether it’s good for the long-term.

Look at the furniture you already have. Ask your employees what they like and don’t like. Let them help you figure out what the office needs. Don’t get too caught up in trends or designs that will leave your office looking dated in a year or two.

Stick with classic pieces that are timeless and will wear well. If you have clients who regularly visit the office for meetings, consider their needs as well. Maybe you need plush furniture that’s comfortable for them to sit on. Or, maybe you need something more formal so that you can conduct business. Plan out your space before you buy so that you don’t over or under buy and you don’t make the wrong type of purchases for the space.

Choosing Price Over Quality

While it’s tempting to price shop, don’t get carried away. Some pieces aren’t worth the money at any discount. If the furniture falls apart after a year or two, what kind of a deal was it, really? Stick with solid, fairly-priced pieces that will last the life of your business. Ideally, the first piece of furniture you buy should be your last.

Mismatching Colors

Match colors and give your office a basic sense of cohesiveness. While this is more important if you have customers coming into the office, it can also make it a more enjoyable place for your employees and for yourself.

Pamela Calvert has many years of experience in design and interior planning. She enjoys sharing her ideas online and has already posted her insights on a variety of websites.

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