Ways To Spoil Your Employees

Employee Motivation

Your employees are often your best assets, and they should be rewarded for their hard work. This usually manifests in the form of a Christmas party or some kind of outing, but there are small things you can do throughout the year to show that you do appreciate all the work they do for you. These can either be products or experiences, and should be tailored to each employee’s interests. If you are looking for some ideas to start you off, here are some ways you can spoil your employees.

Personalised Products

Personalisation is a great way to show your employees you care, and that you are aware of their wants and needs. You can personalise almost anything these days, so you might want to find something a particular employee needs and provide that for them. Add in an inside joke for a little bit more flair! If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, designers of such products such as AdCall can help you make that something special.

Tickets to Events

Experiences can often hold just as much meaning as products, and these can also be shared with friends and family. Find out what your employees love and what they like to do, and spoil them with a night out. This might be a concert or a show, or maybe even tickets to a movie premiere. While it might seem like a small gesture, it will really show your employees that you care about them and what they do for you.

Brief Getaway

Everyone deserves a break away from work and perhaps even family, especially during times of high stress. Vouchers for a weekend away or even a swanky hotel room for a night or two are just a couple of ways you can treat your employees. This kind of reward is one they can take at their leisure, depending on their individual stress levels – and you can be sure that they will come back rejuvenated and ready to go.

Lunch (Or Dinner)

It is rare to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy a free meal, so shouting your employees to lunch or dinner somewhere nice is a great way to spoil your employees. It is also a good way for everyone to relax outside of an often busy work environment, and for co-workers to engage with each other in a less formal manner.

Everyone loves being spoiled every so often, and doing something special for your employees is a simple way to show that you do really appreciate them. Some of the tips mentioned above could be considered to be gestures of a grander scale. However, you can also do little everyday things around the office to help out your colleagues and to show that you care.

How do you feel about treating your employees? What kinds of rewards have you provided for your employees? Conversely, what is the best reward you’ve received from an employer and what is the worst? Leave your thoughts and experiences in the comments section down below.

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