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Small business owners may be likely to have advanced knowledge of how to market their services on the online world. While old-school tactics such as traditional billboards and word-of-mouth still play an important role, digital marketing is just as crucial in today’s increasingly online society. These operators do not need to be major marketing specialists like Eyal Gutentag to embrace these tools and find success with the following tips. 

Creating a Social Media Presence 

More people are using various social media platforms than ever before, and small and medium-sized businesses know this. At least 81% of these businesses use social media to promote their establishment and their latest projects. A social media page that updates constantly, informs viewers and even interacts with them can go a long way. Operators can look at their services and investigate which platform their target demographic is most likely to visit. Then, adapt marketing to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

Preparing for Desktop and Mobile

Individuals move constantly and use their phones to stay connected to the greater world. Small business owners can benefit by creating websites and marketing that focus on both mobile and desktop experiences. A mobile website requires conciseness and clarity to make navigation and action easier for phone users. These guidelines are even helpful in building functioning, sleek sites for desktop users. Marketing efforts for both platforms can help smaller companies net a wider range of potential consumers. 

Starting a Regular Blog 

Viewers need an incentive to keep visiting the website and spread word about it. An informative blog that updates regularly ensures that visitors check the page frequently. Bloggers need to create content that is both related to the business and relevant to the viewers. This content also needs to be optimized for search engines and shareable through multiple social media platforms. 

Small business owners can achieve online marketing success just as larger companies. Digital marketing tactics can help them spread awareness about everything they have to offer. 

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