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Trust is a hugely important part of any business. You need to trust your staff, and they need to trust you. You need to trust your suppliers. Your customers need to trust you. This last point is one of the most important of all, however.If customers can’t manage to put their trust in your company for whatever reason, they won’t want to buy from you.They will be protective of their money, plus they won’t want to be made a fool of. Therefore, building up that trust and ensuring that your customers can buy from you without worrying is vital.

Remember, building trust is a slow process, and you may not find that it happens overnight, but if you keep going, your perseverance will soon pay off, and people will automatically trust you. Here are some of the ways you can do it.

Don’t Sell

Surely any business aims to sell to customers? That is true, but customers know that, and they don’t need to be told! If they want to buy what you are selling they will do, as long as there is trust involved too. What you need to do is not sell to your customers but help them instead. There is a subtle difference, but it is what changes a customer from being wary of using a business to enjoying their service.

Your marketing is an essential element in this case. If your advertising is all about selling and doesn’t tell anyone about what your products and services can do to help them, you will not gain trust. By offering help and guidance, you will. The more help you can provide, the more interaction you will have with potential customers, and the more likely it will be that they will buy from you. They won’t feel pressured to buy what you are selling, and this will make them feel more comfortable and trust you more and, ironically, they will probably buy anyway.

Have The Knowledge

It will also seem strange if a customer asks a question that a business owner – or their staff – cannot answer. It will feel as though there is something odd happening, and perhaps the business isn’t what it seems to be after all. If any doubt about a company’s authenticity creeps in, the trust will be hard to gain.

By having in-depth knowledge about your own products and services, about what makes them great and why people should buy them (the benefits, not the features), as well as understanding how business works so that you can make the customer experience a good one, the trust will be easier to obtain. An ACBSP accredited online MBA will help with the business aspect of your knowledge, and ensure that you can run the ‘behind the scenes’ of the company well. As for the products, you need to make sure that you have all the information in place and you have thoroughly tested everything before you start to sell. That way, you know that whatever questions come your way, you will be able to answer them.

Make It Safe

Taking the security of your business seriously and ensuring that anyone who is thinking of buying from you knows this is crucial for gaining and keeping trust. This is especially true if you collect information such as names, addresses, and payment details or banking details from your customers.

Even though buying online is something that many (perhaps even most) websites offer in some form, that doesn’t mean that it is something customers should ever do without thinking. Not all sites are safe, and some are deliberately misleading. It is only right that the consumer thinks carefully before inputting their data anywhere, including your site.

You will need to ensure that you put safety measures in place including:

  • Firewalls
  • Antivirus software
  • Regularly changing passwords
  • Using cloud computing
  • Keeping your software up to date

All of this will show that you have thought about your customers’ security. You can prove that you know what the risks are and that you have considered everything, eliminating the possibility of problems as much as you possibly can. Doing so will undoubtedly gain you trust, and people will be happy to buy from your site or in your store.

The Personal Touch

Showing that you are a real person behind the business is another way to help you to gain the trust you want from your customers. You will want to look professional, of course, and depending on what kind of business you run, you might not be able to be as personal as others might be, but you can still show the human touch.

People most often buy from people, and this is because they see like-minded individuals who understand what they want and who help them as much as possible. If the business they are buying from has nothing but corporate blank space, then the product might be fantastic, and the prices could be excellent, but something will be missing, and for many customers that something is what helps them to trust you a little more; that something is you.

You don’t have to know everyone by name or spend time chatting to any person who steps over the threshold or who sends you an email or calls you up. However, you do need to be friendly, helpful, and human. You have something to sell and a message with which to sell it, but that doesn’t need to be at the forefront of every conversation.

Reviews and Testimonials

These days, thanks to the internet, if someone is looking for something to buy, they will search online and find a small number of sites that they might be interested in buying from. It is rare that they will make their purchase immediately, however. They will compare pricing, delivery times and costs, and the product itself. They will look at the security of each site. The might get in touch to ask questions (and how you respond is crucial to potentially gain a sale).

They will also search for reviews about your business to ensure that, once everything else is in place, they will get an excellent service from you. Good reviews will help them to buy, and bad reviews will help them to buy from someone else. Therefore getting good reviews is extremely important. Remember to ask everyone who buys from you to leave a review. Not everyone will, but ideally enough will to show the next buyer that you are trustworthy and deliver on your promises.

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