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If you’re a business owner, you’d better be a darn good sales person.Not only do you need sales skills to grow your customer base, but you also need to ‘sell’ your employees, partners, peers, and advertisers on your mission.

Most people cringe when they hear the word ‘salesperson.’So do I.I was in sales and was a sales trainer for one of the biggest insurance companies in the US for several years yet I never considered myself a salesperson, and I consider that philosophy to be the reason I closed more sales than 93% of the rest of the 200 person San Diego sales team in my office.

Instead, I considered myself a problem solver. I genuinely like people and I like a challenge. I honestly felt the product I sold was the best in most cases and when it wasn’t the best fit, I let the customer know that.

Here are some very simple tips you can walk away with and improve your sales today:

  • Ask lots of questions. You have no business suggesting a solution until you truly understand the customer’s problem.
  • Allow the customer to talk more than you do. If you find yourself talking too much, ask another question.
  • Relate the benefits of your products or services to the customer’s exact and particular needs as they arise in conversation.
  • Ask for the sale. Most people don’t do this! That’s because we’re afraid of rejection. If you want to make sales, you’ve got to ready for objections.
  • Know the difference between real objections and stalls. If someone says I’ll think about it, this is a stall. Get to the real objection by asking a question like “what other information can I provide you with to help you make your decision?

Sales is fun. I never thought that I would be a top sales person. Never. I took the job because it was the best paying job at the company and I picked that company because it was the only professional company that offered a night shift so that I could stay home with my then toddler and 6 month old.

I wanted to succeed so I pushed past the discomfort and found that sales is exciting, fun, rewarding, and it feels great when you can connect a person in need to a solution that is just right for them.

Think of it this way- If you’ve got a great service to offer, you are doing the world a disservice by not being a great salesperson!

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