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There are a lot fancy email management tools out there that you can use to connect with potential new clients and business peers.Many of these tools are just downright awesome, with all of the gadgets and conveniences you could ever dream about.

But I was having a reflective moment the other day and thinking about all of my current clients and how I met them.Even I was surprised by the answer.It turns out that every single client I work with now came from a simple text email or a referral from one of the people that I met through a simple text email.Pretty incredible!

One client who has probably netted me at least $40,000 over the last year or so was a result of an email that literally took me about 5 minutes to write.I thought it was kind of cheesy to send a text email, but I did it anyway because I had made “contact 10 new potential clients” one of my checklist items for the day.I didn’t even have a website up at that time.I shot of the emails in about 10 minutes and about 5 minutes after that got a call from one of them.That was a year and a half ago and that relationship is still profitable.

I met David the same way. I just happened to send him an email at the very moment that he was online looking for copywriters. We’ve had an awesome business relationship ever since and, together with this team, have taken a lot of sites to page 1 in Google.

So if you’re just starting online out and wondering where to begin, my advice is to just put yourself out there! Fancy html email programs are great and they can help a lot, but if you’ve got a good product or service to offer, it’s more about getting the word out rather than the format in which the word get’s out in.

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