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There are several things you should do when taking your business online, if you decide to launch your business into the WWW..

First, understand your target customer base. You need to know who is most likely to buy your product and how to market it to them in a sea of other marketing. Create a plan of action to cover the entire process of getting your business onto the Internet. You’ll also need to choose a domain name. Make sure it’s simple to remember, easy to spell, and doesn’t contain any difficult characters. This will help people get to your site. It’s also helpful to make sure that your domain name isn’t too similar to a competitor’s site. You could find your traffic being directed right to the place you least want it to go.

Once you’ve found and registered an available domain name, you’ll need to find web space, and either design your own web page, or hire a designer. If you’re not very familiar with web design, you should probably ask a professional to help you with it. A little investment here can bring you a lot more traffic, since your web page is your first impression on the Internet. Make sure that there’s some kind of payment capability or shopping cart included in your website, so that customers can easily purchase products and services. You’ll also need an automated product database to list your products on the website.

Once you have your website and online store set up, you have to let people know about it! Promote your site on the search engines, promote your site in online forums that you frequent, and use other proven internet marketing techniques. Also be sure to post notifications in your store telling people that you’re now online. Even local customers might appreciate the convenience of being able to browse your inventory online before they come in to shop.

Be sure to maintain your site regularly. Out of date sites can drive customers away, especially if they’re littered with broken links and images.

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